About The Forum

East Ayrshire’s Community Play Forum was formed in 2008 and became a registered Charity in January 2010. The Forum consists of Community Representatives, play organisations, volunteers, Out of School Care Organisations, Local Authority Representatives and other agencies who have a vested interest in play.


The EA Community Play Forum aims to:

If you are interested in being added to the database or wish to receive information about the EA Community Play Forum please  email: info@eacommunityplayforum.co.uk



Office Bearers

Rose Anson
Vice Chair
Leanne Ramage - East Ayrshire Council
Allison Smith - East Ayrshire Council.

Community Play Forum Members

To get in touch with any of these organisations, groups or individuals please
contact info@eacommunityplayforum.co.uk


Our Constitution

Read the Play Forum’s Constitution (PDF)

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